Kawasaki Engine Lookup

How and where to find your Kawasaki engine model number location.

Kawasaki Model Number Location

  • First Segment: Kawasaki Model Number
The model code is the first 6 characters for example (FD620D) and it is generally located on the engine block or fan shroud on a white sticker. In this example the first two letters(FD) Indicate the series or engine family T or F indicates two stroke (T) or four stroke (F). The numbers 620 indicates the displacement of the engine with the numbers ending in representing a relative displacement. The sixth character (D) indicates the crank shaft orientation (V) vertical and (D) horizontal.

  • Second Segment: Kawasaki Spec Code
The spec code (FS01) indicates the recipe of parts needed to make that engine, and help to identify what manufacturer that engine was made for and is crucial for parts look up and ordering.